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My first blog by David Allan

This is my first blog. Not just for the Weegie site; I mean I am losing my Blogging cherry here. I’m not sure what a blog is or should be. For us writers I suspect they may be a good way of avoiding tackling yet another difficult sentence. Certainly I’ve cut away from the third attempt at writing the last in my new collection of short stories to undertake this. I’d hoped to have finished the collection by now, but the completion date changed and because I’d been gifted more time I immediately ground to a halt. This final piece started as a tale of a farm boy living in rural Wyoming and has somehow transfigurated itself into an account of transgender issues in the 1970s. As the collection is based on the theme of personal identity then I suppose the story knows where it is going.
I better get back to work, or perhaps it would be more productive to some further research on the internet first………….
David A Allan

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