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Moira MacMillan, book publicist at March’s Weegie

At Weegie Wednesday last week, Moira MacMillan, book publicist, spoke about her bookselling route into publishing, after a degree at Glasgow University. She approached Little Brown, and used her experience at John Smiths as a hook to be taken on as their publicist in Scotland. Moira explained that not much promotion of books is done in Scotland, and she was taken on by Little Brown to push books and Scottish authors in Scotland. Moira explained that a book called Forgotten Highlander was an amazing book by a 90 year old ex POW and that the book reprinted eight times after she helped to promote it. The book was number one in The Sunday Times list. In terms of daily stuff an author should do, Moira explained that hard work is a must. She said that contacting libraries, media and journalists if a basic – and not to stop there after contact is made. The work has just begun! You, or your publisher, need to be in touch with librarians, media, journalists, and that if you tell people early enough, people will get back quickly if they are interested in helping to do articles. Moira said hold events, push yourself and your book and agree with a publisher what they can and can’t do, so you can work together to organise things to make your name and your book known.

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  • Journey of the Initiate: will help you achieve all you can be through mastery of body, mind, emotions and the past, learning to re-treat and live the great mystery. Journeying like the initiates of our ancient past to find your true self, and as you blossom and grow so you will give those around you permission to do the same.

    I’d like to introduce myself and my book.

    I’ve been a trainer and psychotherapist for several years and in many ways this book is a culmination of that work where I see my role as that of facilitator or guide. I’ll be aiming to guide the reader towards tapping into their own resources, perhaps resources they didn’t even realise they had. So Journey of the Initiate is a personal development tool that can be taken at an individual pace and is available to EVERYONE. I have deliberately kept it simple and have included step by step teaching aides to enable the reader to know themselves in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. Once that self-knowledge is established the next lessons, as in the ancient mystery schools, are: mastering the body, mind, emotions, and past, learning to re-treat and living the great mystery.

    The book is not an autobiography but I have shared enough of my own story: runaway, rebel, page three girl, soft porn star and TV glamour girl (“Two Ronnies” etc.); heroin addiction and the road to recovery, to colour the content, give substance and I hope, a personal touch. So I guess it is a joint effort of my own story, what I have found to work in my practice and what the ancient Egyptians took as their way to live. The personal stuff I started writing for myself but then I wanted to share the short articles I’d written for those who couldn’t afford one to one therapy, My mission is to make a difference on a larger scale to help others to wake up from illusion and see the beauty of the world as it really is, I believe connecting to our own selves through our innate deep wisdom is the secret or the key to the power within.

    What do you think – this is my letter to publishers – what next, can you help?

    Kind Regards

    Vicki Rebecca

    • Weegie says:

      Hi Vicki

      Perhaps a good place for you to look for help with your pitch would be at Weegie Wednesday’s Facebook page
      It is a hub of literary inspiration!

      You can contact Moira MacMillan via our Facebook page.

      Weegie Wednesday Facebook Page

      Best of luck with the book.

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